Privacy Policy

This Personal data confidentiality policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy of confidentiality) was adopted by the Private entrepreneur Anton Vladimirovich Ilyinskiy INN 772906833143 OGRNIP 318774600278248 and it shall extend to all information on the Internet web-site at the address: (hereinafter referred to as the Web-site), which may be received about the User in the course of using the Web-site, its services, software and products.

Using the Web-site services shall mean unreserved User’s consent to this Policy and to personal data processing terms, mentioned therein. If the User does not agree with these terms, the User shall retrain from using the services.


1.1. Within the scope of this Policy the User’s personal data shall include:

1.1.1. Personal data the User provides about him upon registration (account creation) or in the process of using the Services, including the User’s personal data. Information, mandatory for Services, bears a special mark. Other information shall be delivered at the User’s discretion.

1.1.2. Data, which are automatically transferred to the Web-site services in the process of using thereof via software, installed on the User’s device, including IP address, cookie files data, information about the User’s browser (or other software to access the services), technical characteristics of hardware and software of the User, date and time of access to the services, addresses of requested pages and other similar information.

1.1.3. Other information about the User, processing thereof is provided for by the Web-site usage agreement.

1.1.4. This Confidentiality policy shall apply only to the Web-site, Private entrepreneur Anton Vladimirovich Ilyinskiy shall not control and shall not be liable for web-sites of the third parties, to which the User may go through the links, available on the Web-site

1.2. The principal purpose of this Policy is to create grounds to comply with rights and freedoms of an individual and the citizen in the course of processing of his personal data by the Web-site.


2.1. The Web-site shall collect and keep only the personal data, necessary to deliver services or to perform agreements and contracts with the User, excluding the cases when the legislation provides for mandatory custody of personal data within the period, set by the laws.

2.2. Personal User’s data shall be used to discharge contractual obligations; to identify the user; to get feedback from the User, including to send notices, requests, related to the Web-site use, to render services, to process requests and orders from the User, to define the User’s location to ensure security, to prevent fraud, to confirm reliability and completeness of personal data, provided by the User, to grant to the User efficient customer and technical support in case of troubles using the Web-site, to perform advertising activity with the User’s consent.

2.3. This Policy shall apply only to information, processed in the course of the Web-site use. The Web-site shall not control and shall not be liable for web-sites of the third parties, to which the User may go through the links, available on the Web-site

2.4. The Web-site shall not verify reliability of personal data, provided by the User and shall not be able to access capability thereof.


3.1. The Web-site shall keep the Users’ personal data in accordance with internal regulations of certain services.

3.2. In relation to the User’s personal data confidentiality thereof shall be maintained, apart from the cases when the User voluntarily provides his data for public access to unlimited number of persons.

3.3. The Web-site shall be entitled to transfer personal data of the User to the third parties in the following cases:

3.3.1. The User consented to such actions.

3.3.2. Transfer is needed so that the User could use certain service or to comply with certain agreement or contract with the User.

3.3.4. Transfer is provided for by Russian or other applicable legislation in view of the procedure, established by the laws.


4.1. All the Users may visit the web-site without disclosure of any personal data. Yet the User’s failure to provide necessary information, requested in corresponding information input sections of the web-site may result in unavailability of certain services for the User from the Processor.


5.1. When entering the web-site certain non-personal data (e.g. type of browser, type of device, entering the web-site, geographic location of the user, time in the user’s region) may be recorded automatically. This information shall be used to perfect the request, content and functionality of the web-site. This information in future may be used by the Processor or transferred to the third parties.


6.1. The User’s personal data shall be processed until all the purposes were attained, for which such data were initially received, by any lawful means, including in personal data management systems, using automation facilities or without such facilities or until the subject of personal data withdraws his consent to personal data processing.


7.1. The Processor shall be entitled to change this Policy at his discretion and without prior notice to the web-site User. That is why it is recommended to the web-site User in case of the next visit to the web-site read terms and pay attention to possible changes or amendments. New version of the policy shall become effective when placed on the web-site, if new version of the policy does not provide otherwise.


8.1. The User shall be entitled to receive information, related to processing of his Personal data.

8.2. By voluntarily providing his personal data and using the web-site the User gives his consent to personal data processing. The User shall be entitled at any time to withdraw such consent and to claim deletion/suspension of his personal data by a written withdrawal notice at the address In this case the Processor shall stop processing and shall destroy personal data within 30 days from the moment of withdrawal receipt.

8.3. The User at any moment may change (update, supplement) personal data he supplied or a part thereof, having addressed to the Web-site at the address, mentioned in clause 8.2.


9.1. The Processor shall be entitled to Process personal data, i.e. any action (transaction) or an aggregate of actions (transactions) using automation facilities or without such facilities, with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, delivery, access), depersonalization, suspension, deletion, destruction of personal data.


10.1. Web-site content cannot be used, in particular, copied, published, reproduced, processed, distributed, sold or otherwise used in parts or in full without the Processor’s consent, excluding the cases, established by the effective RF laws. 

10.2. All the possible disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the Legislation of the RF at the place of the Processor’s registration. Before addressing the court the User shall comply with mandatory pre-court dispute resolution and shall send to the Processor a corresponding claim in writing. The claim should be responded to within 30 (thirty) business days.

The User shall be entitled to send all the offers, questions, requests and other applications, regarding this Policy and use of its personal data to e-mail: