Our travel guide is an itinerary with nothing but necessary information.

Planning takes a lot of time. Looking for places of interest, reading tons of reviews at and tripadvisor, calculating budget and time… In our guide everything has already been planned. You just need to download it to your smartphone, book the hotels featured in the guide, get in a car and drive!

Each day of the trip is carefully planned with info on places to visit, distance between them, links to nice restaurants and cozy hotels. What’s most important – every place has both Google maps and geotags so you will not have to search anything, you just need to click the map icon and draw a route to a desired destination.

Some are interested solely in museums, others prefer abandoned objects and trekking. We are interested in everything so in our guides we include it all – all that’s fascinating.

We do not rely on opinions of those living in areas we write about, we do not wish to advise something we haven’t seen ourselves or haven’t been to. So here you will only find our own experience and our photos (well, except for some hotels and restaurants pics).

Travel with us! 


Russia has never been among the most popular tourist destinations. There may be numerous reasons for that, but the fact is, stretching about 10 thousand kilometers from west to east and being located almost in all climate zones, Russia is a unique travel experience. Just don’t limit yourself to Moscow and St. Petersburg. It’s always interesting, affordable and what’s most important – safe.

Forget organized tourism, just come here, rent a car and explore. We’re planning to add to the list of our guides regularly, so you’ll find plenty of interesting routes here. If you have questions about traveling in Russia or about any other subject related to our guides, feel free to contact us, we’d be glad to help!